Con artists are skilled liars who want your money.



If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Trust your judgment and your knowledge of the market for vehicles and parts. Compare prices.  
* Be cautious and thoroughly investigate the seller.  Google the area code and telephone number to insure it is in the state and area it is claimed to be in.  
* If the listing is too good to be true, it usually is.  
* Use an inspection service to inspect and report on the cars condition. Vehicle Inspection can be a great resource as scammers typically don't even own the vehicle let alone have it sitting nearby for an inspection!  Ask technical questions about the vehicle as scammers generally know little about custom vehicles.  
* Never wire money or agree to refund or cash a check for an unknown individual. Be cautious and never wire or transfer money to a foreign bank or foreign account!  Certifed checks can be worthless and take weeks to bounce.  
* Ask for references and/or some type of proof that the person or business and vehicle or item being sold is legitimate.  
* Speak one-on-one over the phone, especially about funds and important details and information.  
* DO NOT ship or release interest in your merchandise until you are confident that the funds have cleared or you are holding the money in cash.  
  Report fraud to local law enforcement, the Better Business Bureau, or your local consumer protection office.
National Consumers League Fraud Information Center  1-800-876-7060  www.fraud.org/
National Association of Attorneys General  www.naag.org/features/fraud.com
Federal Consumer Information Center  www.pueblo.gsa.gov
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